Laura Prati



Laura Prati is presently Head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Milan. She graduated in Chemistry (1983) at University of Milan, received her specialization in “Tecniche Analitiche per la Chimica Organica Fine” from the Politecnico of Milano in 1985 and was awarded a PhD in Industrial Chemistry in 1988. Since the beginning of her scientific formation she was involved in the field of the heterogeneous materials particularly applied to catalysis, being awarded by a MONTEDIPE S.r.l. fellowship. In 1989 she became Researcher, in 1999 Associate Professor of General Chemistry and in 2017 Full Professor.

From 2002 to 2006 she was the Referent of the research topic concerning with liquid phase gold catalyzed oxidations, inside the European project AURICAT. She received numerous grants and funding for her projects: by Fondazione Cariplo (2007 and 2009); by ISIS Grant Coinvestigator (2012); by CNR bilateral project Italy-Hungaria (2016-2018) and by TOTAL (2017). She was Visiting Professor at Universitè Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) and at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She collaborates actively with industrial partners (Taminco BV, TOTAL), and several research groups, in Europe and in United States.

She is an active member of the Italian Chemical Society and American Chemical Society. From 2016 she is in the Advisory Board of ChemCatChem and of the Journal of Nanoparticle & Nanotechnology.

She is applying from several years to low impact environmental catalytic methodologies as alternative processes of the stoichiometric ones based on organic synthesis. The scientific results are reported in 155 publications on qualified international journals, two patents and more than 100 communications at national and international Congresses.